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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  October 29, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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ng large parts of long isla. plunging millions into darks .. twelve sandy storming ashore tonight, submerging large parts of long island, plunging millions into darkness, leaving at least 12 people dead. the latest on the storm's destructive path in a live report ahead. the giants return home to a hero's welcome. the wild scene at at&t park and plans for an even bigger celebration in just36 hour -- in just 36 hours. i thought he was dead. a part of his feet was under the train. >> a pedestrian stepped in the path of a train. how a phone call could have cost him his life. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm dana king. from lights in manhattan still shining tonight, but millions are in the dark as sandy slams the nation's east coast. this is a live look at new york city hit hard by the drenching
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storm. sandy is no longer classified as a hurricane, but her punch is practically still strong. >> reporter: about three hours ago i would have been stand investigate hudson river, the powerful storm surge caused the waters of the hudson to overflow the sea wall, come into this park and out into the streets of new york. waters have receded, but the danger is far from over. sandy brought on shore south of -- roared ashore south of new jersey early monday morning, packing sustained winds of 80 miles an hour with gusts over 100. the storm blew out windows and flooded streets up and down the east coast. tearing up atlantic city's famous board walk. the storm cut electricity to more than 200 million storms and businesses. this is video of the power substation exploding in new york. >> we knew it would be a very dangerous storm and the storm has met our expectations. >> reporter: new york city is all, but shut down. the powerful storm surge from hurricane sandy pushed the waters of the hudson river through the sea wall on to the
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walk way. it sent title waters into a major traffic tunnel. sandy's winds also caused a high-rise crane to collapse. it was left dangling over midtown forcing the evacuation of several buildings. and the medical center was evacuated after their back-up generator failed. dozens of ambulances took patients to other hospitals. sandy is combining with the winter storm and will continue to cause trouble and damage for days. >> there has been extraordinarily close coordinations between state, federal, and local governments. so we are confident that the assets are pre-positioned for aneffective responsive response. >> with sandy expected to affect the northeast through thursday, that response could take some time. now before sending out to the caribbean, there were more than 50 casualties. at least five people in new
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york killed by falling tree limbs. reporting live in new york, i'm randall pinkston, back to you. >> as you can see sandy has lived up to the warnings of flooding and damage along the eastern sea born. we're going to check in with cbs 5, chief meteorologist with the current locations. >> this storm is huge, expanding all the way north from maine to south carolina. that's a lot of real estate. here's a look at your satellite review, even some snow on the western flag of the storm in west virginia. look at these wind gusts finally coming down, but we are talking six straight hours with wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour in atlantic city. now a big storm, where is it headed next? it will be moving inland and slowly. flooding will be an increasing risk. in florida, 10 inches of rainfall over the next coup of days. widespread power outages continuing throughout the northeast. beach erosion, huge problem as this will be likely the worst beach erosion that they have seen in the northeast in the
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generation. amazingly this storm is going to have an impact on our weather on halloween. details on that coming up in a few minutes. >> starting at 4:30 we'll have more for you in the morning. sandy has shut down several airports. that has thousands of flights grounded coast to coast. the ripple effect is certainly being felt right here at home. there have been hundreds of cancellations already at the bay area's three major airports. more than 200 so far at sfo alone and the situation will get worse before it gets better. >> the weather system has yet to move through the cities. it's difficult to engage the full extent of it right now, making it important for passengers to check up to date with the status of their own flight. >> i was out here for a wedding. i was suppose to fly out last
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night and things happened obviously. >> passengers are likely to remain stranded tomorrow. it could be a week before things are normal. and also very important flights to the east coast. they did make it out this afternoon. 83 members of the california air national guard's 129th rescue wing are on their way to that zone as well and providing medical aid. well no delays for the giants coming home from the world series. the sfo fire department welcomed home the giants with a water cannon salute. they got off that plane with that big trophy. elizabeth cook on how thousands of fans made sure that their return to at&t park was memorable. >> as you can see behind me,
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they are still glowing. the fans never really stopped celebrating. in fact last night the entire civic plaza center was filled with tens of thousands of people watching the big game on the big screen. and those folks took the party to sfo and at&t park to welcome their team back home. >> reporter: now that the boys are back, the party could really start. >> i can't say that i have had more time than that today. >> reporter: they went straight home to at&t park. >> this is a special group. we're not saying good-bye. we will be here for a couple of days. >> reporter: players took turn carrying the trophy, so the fans could get a good look at the big prize. >> we've got a better mixture of the older and younger guys this year that will make up the
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team. they seem like they are having a blast. >> reporter: they are gearing up for the big parade on wednesday, setting up the stage and barricades, preparing for the massive amounts of crowds. they are expecting at least 1 million people to be flooding the streets of san francisco. live at the civic center, cbs 5. >> while the celebration is under control right now, as anything, but tamed last night. they set fires on the streets in the mission district. fans also torched the $700,000 bus as police tried to dispurse a crowd, some people threw beer bottles at officers. police arrested 36 people. now the world series title means big business at the sports merchandise stores across the bay area as people were lining up out the door at this giant's dugout store in san francisco to buy the world series gear. i saw this and i couldn't
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believe it. there were people outside. some waited for almost an hour though. fans say that it is worth the high sticker prices and the long lines. >> no, it could not wait. my two sons are out in houston. so they could have them. and that they will be thrilled. absolutely thrilled. >> be weary. there's a lot of fake merchandise out there, counterfeit world series memorabilia. >> and the celebration will continue through wednesday. >> that's when the city is hosting a parade for the giants as it will start at the base of market street and it ends at civic center plaza and the fun begins at 11:00. you can watch the parade of champions live right here on cbs5. if you're not near a tv, don't worry. you can also watch a live
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stream on that's also where you can find all things giants. a first-degree murder conviction today in the death of san mateo nursing student, michelle le. prosecutors argue that giselle esteban planned for months before attacking her former friend last year. she blamed le for reeking or wrecking her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. and the defense wanted a manslaughter conviction, arguing that esteban acted in a fit of rage, but the jury didn't buy it. >> i know michelle is probably laid to rest in peace, knowing that justice is served. it is just so sad to be lost like that. >> i feel like they have been listed. you never know what's going on in the jury's mind, but we were hoping that they made the right call. >> and esteban faces a minimum of 25 years in prison. san mateo sheriff's office have identified a female
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suspect in a series of car break-ins in auto thefts. they are looking for this woman, jennifer prince, who is wanted for questioning about several crimes in the county. investigators say she is often with a male companion and should not be approached. anyone who sees her should contact the san mateo sheriff's office. a drug bust that is tough to swallow. agents caught a man trying to board a plane at sfo with 2.5 pounds of cocaine. now the coke wasn't in his luggage or pockets. the cbs5 reporter juliette goodrich tells us that it was in his intestines. >> reporter: customs agents say that the passenger injected 100 pellets filled with cocaine. >> how big were they? >> this big. >> about two inches filled with white powder. >> cocaine? >> cocaine. >> reporter: he was attempting to board an international flight to japan when he was busted by customs and border
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protection in san francisco. >> and i would assume that the officers, they did the observational techniques and determined that something was not right with the way that the person was walking. >> reporter: and just how much is two pounds of cocaine? well here you go. this is two pounds of the powdered sugar. he had this in his system in the pellets when he went through customs. take a look at how heavy it was as he traveled through and got caught. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he later passed the pellets. the contents of the pellets tested positive for cocaine. this is what a larger drug bust for customs agents here at san francisco international airport total net worth, approximately $25,000 in cocaine ingested cocaine. charges will be filed by the u.s. attorney and homeland security. in san francisco, juliette goodrich, cbs5. the phone call that could not wait. what happened when a pedestrian
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on a cell phone crossed paths with a vta train. and a bay area business that believes in full disclosure. why they are warning patrons about a pesky problem. there is a huge storm on the east coast. 2,500 miles away as we live here in the bay area on the west coast, but this storm will have an impact on our halloween forecast. find out high and what it will do to our forecast coming up.
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never saw it coming. but he a pedestrian hit and injured by a light rail train in south bay. they never saw it coming, but he probably should have. cbs5 reporter shows us that it is just the latest example of a
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smart phone leading to a not so smart move. >> reporter: we arrived on scenes just seconds after it happened. the man was stumbling around, bloody, delirious. just moments before he was on the ground unconscious. >> i thought he was dead because he was there lying and a part of his feet were under the train actually. it was all twisted and everything. i'm surprised that he survived. >> reporter: jordan saw the whole thing saying the man was running across first street at north san jose with an iphone to his left ear. his baseball cap as also turned to the left, blocking his view of the oncoming train. >> the cap was going this way, probably blocking the sun. then when he walked by, boom, that's it. >> reporter: he was hit by the corner of the train. sending him flying six to seven feet. and talking on his phone, if that wasn't bad enough, witnesses said that the man was actually crossing against a red light. >> and you need to put your
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phone down, it will only take a couple of seconds crossing the street anyway. >> reporter: distracted walking has become a big problem with the booming of smart phones, making for painful video clips of people walking while texting and talking and hurting themselves. one man in southern california didn't even notice a bear in his neighborhood and walked right into it. last year, distracted walking sent 1,100 people to the e.r. a number that experts say is likely to grow. back in san jose as the man was getting loaded into the ambulance, we heard him, yes, ask for his phone. in san jose, cbs5. >> and he still wants that phone. >> you know what, put the phone down, dude. >> wow. >> yes. and the rest of those pictures too, falling into the fountain. >> there is a chuckle there, but there's a story. just put the phone down. a lot of people are using phones to take great video of all this activity back east. we want folks to stay safe. chances are you know someone,
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maybe family, friends, back here. this is a huge storm that lived exactly up to its billing. even on the western flank of the storm, it's not the rain or wind, but it is the snow. the cold air is getting dragged down from canada on the western side of the storm that it is causing a blizzard in some locations. portions of ohio, western pennsylvania, west virginia, and also eastern kentucky. kind of crazy but on the western side of the big tropical system we are talking about snow. things couldn't be more opposite around here. high-def doppler bone dry with fog in the morning, especially north of the golden gate. visibility less than one quarter of a mile. please watch out for. that otherwise lows in the lower50s. san francisco and oakland, you'll wake up tomorrow to 54 degrees. sandy is having an impact on our weather. how does that happen? well sandy is not moving that much, stuck on the east coast, so the whole pattern is backing up, and a low pressure area off the western washington coast area has to wait to get here.
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that's a good thing because it will bring rainfall. and now it looks like the rain won't get here until thursday. critical for those of you with kids who want to go trick or treating or maybe you do because now we will stay dry on wednesday, halloween, with the rain not moving in until thursday. so good news because of sandy, we stay dry or longer. tomorrow, oakland 70, san jose 73. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, 72 here, hayward topping out at 71. pittsburgh tomorrow, 75, danville at 74. lots of sunshine inland. san rafael73. plenty of sunshine to finish. holding off the rain through halloween as it will be wet on thursday, the first day of november. but after that we will clear out. next weekend looks spectacular with highs approaching 80 in our inland locations. that's your cbs 5 forecast. >> thank you, paul. well sandy is being blamed for a tragedy at sea tonight. a ship built for the film sank in the storm costing one sailor his life.
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cbs reporter david martin on the dramatic rescue that saved several other lives. >> reporter: the coast guard rescue swimmer dan todd was lowered into 18-foot seas 90 miles off the coast of carolina. >> and he's going into the water. >> reporter: he swam to one of two life rafts holding 14 survivors. >> two people remaining in there. >> reporter: the bounty was sailing from connecticut to florida when it foundered. the coast guard located the life rafts by honing in on their emergency beacons. what followed was the rescue of 14 souls that at times they capsized. one after another the crew members wearing the cold water survival suits and life jackets were pulled on board in the wildly swinging cage. >> it's swinging really bad. >> reporter: the swimmer remained in the water waiting for the empty cage to be lowered for another rescue. at one point he moved from one raft to the other, by dangling beneath the helicopter.
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>> no, i think i threw my shoulder out. >> reporter: the pilot was already making plans to refuel as soon as they landed to head back out and search for two crew members still missing. >> and let's just go to cherry creek and drop people off. some of them survived the life threatening views. >> and that they have now been found. the captain of the bounty, they are still missing. david martin, cbs news, washington. and also the news tonight, a shake up at apple, reportedly over its mapping -- mapping software. the wall street journal will be reporting that they were forced on out for refusing to sign a letter apologizing for the mess with their maps. with their app failing to accurately identify even the
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most obvious landmarks. the retail heads, they are also leaving after just six months on the job. no explanation was given by apple. a bay area business is doing the honorable thing, even if it costs their customers. >> will you both get out of there? >> just a bit? a bit? well, yeah. i mean, i try not to think about it. the problem they are causing anyone who enters.
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serving something refreshino its customers: honesty. but the truth, isn't ve they are serving something refreshing to their customers, honesty. but the truth, it is not very appetizing. cbs 5 reporter shows us the marine county restaurant is actually advertising. >> it is a sign that will be speaking to every diner's nightmare. >> i think it's great that they want people to know. >> reporter: they want everyone to know that it is infested with the german cockroaches. just like the one seen in this youtube video. >> we needed to find one or two
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coming here, you know, and the rain. and that whole building. they needed to shut it down long enough to allow them to clear out the cockroaches. but so far the warnings, they don't seem to bother the loyal customers that still eat here, but they also speak a great integrity. >> will it cross you out a bit? >> just a bit. and it is cockroaches, you
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know, i try not to think about it. inspectors say that they are coming, but in the meantime it is business as usual. i'm linda yee, cbs5.
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campbell kept arizona's tradition alive of telling everyone how last week the arizona cardinals kept their tradition alive of telling everyone how much the team hates the 49ers. the niners waited to respond on the field tonight with a win. they moved two games up in the nfc west as they had themselves a night. and there is michael crabtree,
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winning the battle. 49ers are up 7-0. in the late second quarter, finding crabtree again. look at this nice move. 17-0 at the half. they were 18-19 with three touchdowns. this is 47 yards to randy moss. moss looking like he is turning back the clock to 1998. very moss like. 24-0. got to give some love to them and their defense. four sacks with san francisco. smith pays tribute to the world giants as the 49ers roll 29-3. have you lost your confidence? >> yeah, that's right. and he was in my closet as i found it, you know, we only play once a week so all those days in between people need to write things. that's a part of the deal as i don't feel like i have been doing anything different in the past. >> they did, they were 18, 19. >> yes, he was 157. >> that will work.
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wow. that's confidence. >> yeah, keep up the good work. we're coming back at 11:00 on cbs5. we'll see you then. ,,,,
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